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14 bit CC
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Can you implement 14 bit absolute CC values in MIDI part? I'm using BCF2000 and BCR2000 in B-control mode to control Mixing station XM32 and the only MIDI command that implements 14 bit seems to be Pitch Bend, which on Behringer controllers is only 7 bit.

I know that's possible to use Mackie mode to get better fader resolution, but for live work B-control mode is so much better and more customizable.

I tried to program 14 bit Pitch Bend via BC manager's custom output, but it wors only in BCF2000 -> Mixing station direction. The other way (Mixing station -> BCF) there's no feedback on faders.

Anyway, thank you so much for the app, it's really a gem!

Best regards!

Mixer Model: X32 Rack

App Version: 0.65.0

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Hi Samo,
I was also looking for 14 bit CC in the Xtouch compact editor. Pitch bend is possible in standard midi mode but the value range is only 0-127 and there's no custom section.
Maybe I am overlooking something?