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Feature request - Put scribble strip as a channel function instead of all on one page
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I have been using the mixing station pro, alongside the official Ipad app. I think it is fantastic, really like the ability to easily recall presets from the app. The one thing I like with the ipad app is the speed of naming channels, as you click on the channel, and then naming/scribble strip appear as a channel function.

It is probably due to my familiarity with the ipad app, but I find it easier to name channels in this way, and it always takes me a bit longer to find the scribble strip page, and then figure out which channel I wanted to name. Having it on the channel page means you can see where the channel is coming from (we use a mix of stagebox and local I/O) and then name, instead of checking the source and then finding a different page. I guess the function could even be on both, i.e. have a scribble strip page as exists currently in case you want to name all of them first, but then have the option to edit as a channel function?


Mixer Model: X32

App Version: Mixing station pro 0.065.0 (219)

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Or a double click on the fader page takes you to edit name with soft keyboard. Implementing double click add an assignable action and edit scribble as a selection.