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IDCA blew me away.. Amazing. How about..
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Something simple that every live engineer could use.. Can you bring the advantages of the fact you are on a smart device, and extend the abilities? I know this is probably a break from a design approach, but your iDCA made me think you might like this ability to extend the product for a live engineer (perhaps studio as well)

Would you be willing to store additional information beyond what is kept on the x32?

My idea has some technical challenges, but i already have possible solutions.
Add the ability to take a photograph of the performers, with a single note field or a table for performer name, iem {all, partial, none), names of members, special requests, version number/date for "added xx effect" , contact name&number&email - better yet tie this to phone contacts) etc. So photo should show me monitor placement, boom vs straight, money of vocals etc. Make this info tied (initially) to scenes with preview before loading.

I could pull up the band in offline mode, find who they are and know what to expect or share this config to another engineer who can import and mix with as much info as possible. Call me to brainstorm 314.504.1097 fellow long time engineer and IT guy.

Mixer Model: X32 rack

App Version: Beta

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