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MIDI fader take up mode
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For MIDI faders, is it possible to have a 'take up' mode, whereby if I move a slider (I'm using an APC Mini), the fader value does not change until the slider reaches the current value of the fader? Otherwise, as soon as I move the slider, the fader jumps to the new value, which makes it unusable.

e.g. MIDI CCs go from 0 to 127. Let's say I have my Channel 1 Volume fader set to 64. I move the fader on an app (not the control surface) to 100. If I then move the slider, I do not want the fader to jump back down to 64. What I am asking for is the fader not to move until the slider output value is >100.

Similarly, if I turn the fader DOWN to 20 in the app, I don't want the fader to jump back up to 64 when I move the slider. Fader value should stay the same until the slider <20.

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 0.002.4 (44)

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