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recalling saved scenes
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Hi I left a message about a month ago about this - didn't hear back, but I saw that it was marked as resolved. Maybe I missed something -

having trouble recalling saves scenes. After soundcheck I am saving the board to offline scenes - and having trouble recalling them. It gives an error code. I saw that someone else was having this same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and updated the firmware on the behringer, disconnected and reconnected all devices - no avail. I have tried this on 4 different devices, all have the same problem. The standard behringer app will save the offline scene, but not mixing station pro.
Let me know - really hope this can be fixed.

Great app by the way - really love what youve done!

Mixer Model: xair18r

App Version: 2.4

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Same issue with my Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F. Recalling offline scenes works sometimes and sometimes not.
But it works well on my Samsung Galaxy tab A6 & Galaxy TAB3 SM-T113.

App version 0.002.4 (44)

I see there was an update on the app yesterday with a fix on this issue. I'll give it a try this weekend - THANK YOU!

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