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Monitor functions on buttons and knobs
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Guten tag, David! Great job on your apps. We use them for various mixers at our radio network. I recommend them to all who use the Behringer mixers and strongly urge them to buy the paid versions. We did!

  1. I'm wondering if you plan to add monitor functions to the buttons and knobs. We need to be able to adjust various monitoring functions form a remote locations, using extended headphone cables. We need level, dimming and some other functions as well. Seems like it may be the last area of the layout that needs to be added.
  1. Also - very important - can we get an IMPORT/EXPORT feature for tablet layers and layouts? When we have a tablet fail, especially while someone is out on remote, we cannot easily get a new or different tablet up and running quickly. And without remote tablet support, it's pretty much impossible to talk someone through the process, especaily non-technical users.

Anyhow, letting you know I think it can be useful and is certainly needed by us. Thanks! Appreciate your good work.

Mixer Model: X18;s, XR18's, XR12's, X32's

App Version: .002.4

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