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Peak hold reset action
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May 18 2018, 8:03 PM


Perhaps it would be possible to implement a knob or something else, for example in the area, where "Mute Enable" and "Fine" knobs are located, to erase the maximum peak in all meters, when I have selectet "infinit" for the "peak hold" option. Until now we have to restart the whole app to get this! Would be fine to make the mixing up of the band easier. We play... and every channels, which has red peak hold, is gain reduced, than we try again... But before this step, the "old" maximum peakholds have to be erased! This is necassary, if a band member is the mixing guy also. While playing the instrument, I can not change gain settings at the the same time. So I need the infinit maximum peak hold to correct after stopping playing the instrument.

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