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SoF background colour matching bus colour
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Hi David,
It would be great if "SoF background colour" is matching bus colour (selected on scribble strip".

So if I click Sends on Fader for Bus1 (coloured red, for example), all the faders will background in red colour. Actually is only blue.

Also thank you very much for changing Bus numbers to labels. Now I can label monitor sends with the name of the musician. Pretty convenient.

Moreover, I think will be killer if sends (inside a channel, in "sends" tab) there are also capability to follow the colour of the bus.

Overmoreover, capability to enabling and disabling this feature on settings will be killer.

thank you in advance David, I'm enjoying every update you release. I've done over 100 gigs with Mixing Station and I enjoy every bit of your SW. Sometimes with Behringer BCF2000 via OTG.

Don't forgot to follow one of the best open source musical instrument repository.

Mixer Model: XR12

App Version: 0.003.0

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