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Custom Layout Bus master Use Sof visibility
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I have a layout with dedicated mix buttons, and a master channel using Bus master and Use Sof.

When I select a send, it works.
If I directly select another send, it disappears.
If I deselect the send before selecting another send, it's visible again.

Also, I have a send button for Main, set to SoF 0.
When I open the program, it's not illuminated.
Once I select it, or select and deselect another send, it is, as it should be.

Same on X Air, Qu, and X32.

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nottooloud created this object in space S1 Public.

One more thing in that area.
The mute button in that custom master only works on Main, not when a send is selected. EQ button does work.

david added a subscriber: david.Jul 31 2018, 2:29 PM

This should also been resolved if "Use SoF" is not used for the bus master, right?

Yes, all good. "Use Sof" sounds like something I would want in this case. Perhaps it could be renamed. I'm not clear enough on its function to make a suggestion, though.

david closed this task as Resolved.Jul 31 2018, 3:13 PM
david claimed this task.

Yes, in the latest version it wil just be ignored when used in combination with the "Bus Master".
Maybe "Follow SoF" would be more descriptive