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Finer delay control for Dual Pitch FX
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The Dual Pitch effect plug-in seems to be the best tool for output delays in the X Air series, since it has independent delay time controls. I have noticed, though, that different apps present different precision. in MSP 0.003.0 (55), for instance, I see 41.6, 47.1, 53.4. In Mac version 1.5, I see 41.6, 44.3, 47.1, 50.2, 53.4. On iPad, I see 41.6, 42.1, 42.6, 43.1, 43.6, 44.1, 44.6, 45.1, 45.6, 46.2, 46.7, etc. That's probably more resolution than we need, but it would be nice to get a little more than we have now.


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