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optimised rta
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Working with a Galaxy tab 4 7.0 here and have the rta stall every 3 to 4 seconds for a moment.

Can you maybe create an option to limit the amount of data/bands or optimise the rta so it takes up less resources? On a 2.4gHz connection it seems worse than on a 5 gHz, even though it is still present. I don\'t know if it is the network speed or the processor speed that is the issue.

Furthermore maybe on the dual GEQ fx it would be nice if you just would get the rta-bands shown that are used in the geq, so 20,25,31.5,40,50 etc. Nice for ringing out monitors especially

Lastly, could you create a 1 pixel vertical line/gap between the bands this would make the rta visually more clear.

App Version: 0.057.2

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The RTA is great as it is now. Feedback frequencies can in between or near GEQ bands so I think it would be better not to reduce the RTA to GEQ frequencies.

my mistake, i should not have put my feature request together with the bugs, but the RTA is not great as it is.

If a quad core tablet, which is able to display the asphalt 8 racing game, should be able to display a simple RTA. I for one would like to know if it can work without freezing every few seconds. So I would like to hear from David if there is anything he could do.

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The RTA is one of the less resource hungry features. Drawing the PEQ takes up much more resources. It is not possible to limit the amount of data send from the X32 is showing less bands wouldn't help with the network load.

I'll take a look how it looks with 1dp margin between the bands.

Do you think the freezing is due to network then, I have the x32 connected to an airport express and even when I am next to the AE the galaxy tab 4 freezes every few seconds. Do you experience this with other tablets?

david added a comment.Apr 12 2015, 5:35 PM

Does the whole UI freeze or only the meters?
I've got some meter freezes when I got a bad wifi signal or there are other wifi network on the same frequency.
As the X32 uses UDP as network protocol, both of these things cause a huge packet loss which causes the meters to freeze.

No, only the meters freeze like every 3 to 4 seconds, the rest of the app no problem. On 2.4gHz band it seems worse. (Every 2 seconds) The rest of the
metering is no problem, just rta.

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