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Firstly thanks for the great work. Love the multiple custom layout addition.

I would love to see sizable EQ and Dynamics controls avaialable for teh layout designer. I run a Galaxy View, and there is plenty of roo at teh bottom to put these side by side. Often I run an M32 and have taablets with Mixing station on the doghouse, one set to EQ an done to dynamics, and they follow the console. When I have to use a rack or core, and I use a tablet to mix, secondary tablets cannot follow, being abel to add eq and dynamics to the console surface would be be great. Personally I would be happy to pay an extra $10 for a "premium" version

Thank you for your consideration

Steve Griffiths

Mixer Model: M32 / M32R / X32 Rack / X32 Core

App Version: current

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