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Allow switching between mixers Pt 2
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Hello David,

This is in response to:

I cannot find a way to add a comment to that as the bug tracker refuses to let me log in via either Disqus or Google and I don't have any other log in.

To answer your question, I have tried scanning but that doesn't work because the A/V equipment is segmented on a different subnet than other equipment (like a tablet in this case). The network is set up such that the tablet communicates fine with the X32 when the IP is entered directly but when I do a scan it does not find the mixer because it doesn't scan across subnets (which makes sense as you can't scan huge chunks of IP addresses).

In my main situation we have a X32 in the auditorium and one in the gym and it would be handy to just select the different units to switch between them instead of having to edit the IP address each time to switch. Thanks!


Mixer Model: X32

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