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Idea - Routing Matrix
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The routing matrix screen is incredibly useful. I would, however, like to see it enhanced.

Case in point: At a show setting up for a band with a heavy input need, I was routing inputs on the fly. I have the X32 Rack and S-16 extension.

At one point there was that, "Oh yeah, I need to have this instrument mic'd" from one of the musicians toward the end of setup. I plugged it in and started routing it. However, when I did, I accidentally clicked on the wrong line and moved a routing of an adjacent mic - and I had no idea where it was originally set, causing me to chase down the moved mic and re-set it.

The idea:

I'd love to see a type of "line lock"; so clicking (and maybe holding to activate) on a channel name, highlights and locks the matrix to just that horizontal line. This would prevent the accidental selection of any line outside of that selection.

Other related ideas:

  • Would like to see the matrix be scroll-able to better pull far-right points closer to the channel. That would be easier to follow the tap point in stead of following a long line to a far-right tap.
  • Would be great to be able to change the channel name from the matrix screen
  • Alternatively, maybe the ability to select channel line and tap/header vertical line to pin-point the routing point; easy way to find the intersection. Easier to visualize.

Mixer Model: X32 Rack

App Version: LATEST

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