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Will pay more for a Soundcraft version
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I would be willing to pay more than the normal cost of an Android app to get a version of Mixing Station for the Soundcraft Si Impact mixer. I expect that a lot of people who have invested in Soundcraft gear would also be willing to pay extra for better software.

After using Mixing Station on Behringer and Midas consoles I'm spoiled. The iPad app that Soundcraft provides is not good. You have to "swipe" to see more than 8 channels at a time and there is no way to change the layout. The channel Mute button only affects the mix you are looking at. In order to fully Mute a channel you have cycle through all mixes or create a large Mute group. This is a terrible way to Mute a single channel.

Soundcraft has become tonedeaf to it's users and is not likely to make any changes. Their parent company sold out to Samsung and talented people have left. We hope that someone will pick up the slack.

Mixer Model: Soundcraft Si Impact

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