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Ability to have faders for different sends on a single layout
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I have quite a simple setup, one that would only need a handful of faders, but at the moment I haven't found a way to realize the setup in a single layer/layout.

I would need a way to have, on a single layer/layout one fader that controls a microphone input to bus 5/6 and another fader that controls a guitar input to LR.

The best I've managed to do is have faders for mic and guitar
and buttons to select LR and bus 5 (which is linked to 6).

I believe what I request is a weird setup and nobody who works with these devices would want to do a setup like this, because it's not how they are used to doing things which would just disorient them.
However, for me it would be a nice thing and I believe once others would realize the flexibility of such interfaces it could be very useful for a variety of scenarios.

To implement this, there would need to be an additional option when adding a "channel strip", one where the user could select the send target for the channel that the fader controls.
If the same thing was implemented for knobs, users could make matrix mixers.

I hope my explanation makes sense.

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 0.003.0 (pro)

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