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FX source labeling
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I really love the x32 mixing station ...many thanks for developing the product.
Could I ask if you have considered adding an essential feature to improve the use of the application as follows....

When using the x32 remotelyto control sends for mopnitors on stage etc it is very important to be able to quickly see which graphic eq (inserted into the outputs) relates to which monitor in the real physical world.

This is very difficult using the behringer x32mix app as the labelling (i.e "Vox1 Paul wedge"etc) is not carried through to the graphic section itself.

The X32 has a good system ...If the effects tab is selected , the selecting an out put brings up the related inserted graphic along with the name and item labelling.

Mixing station is a little better in that it carries the label name of the output to the effects page but unfortunately does not carry it through to the actual graphic page A or B so I ask that you modify the app so that the name of the output that the graphic is inserted in is carried through to the graphic page itself so that a user can instantly see If he is working on the correct graphic eq.

Mixer Model: Behringer X32

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