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Some feature requests
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  1. Make compression and gate meters in channel strip different colors (for ex. blue - red) or make it changeable. It's very hard to instantly say what is what in the heat of the soundcheck or perfomance going.
  2. Make MUTE button appears in the channel strip when in SoF mode. It is very strange that this important button dissappears.
  3. Make channel Name and Color (as in scribble strips) setup right in channel config screen. It will simplify process of creation new scene (especially). Instead of going back and forth to scribble strips and config screens it will be simple straight through process.
  4. Make "Monitor level" knob available for knobs in custom layout.
  5. Make it possible to load layers preset with scene (for quickstart in different venues I'm working in).

Thanks for app! Btw font rendering in v1.0 is terrible, hope this will be fixed or adjusted :)

Best regards. Nikita.

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 1.0.0 (58)

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