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Channel gain Copy/paste
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The ability to include the channel gain (headamp) in the copy/paste facilities. I appreciate that this isn't always a good thing (perhaps leave it unchecked, by default) but useful when rearranging channels or quickly duplicating a vocal/instrument channel as an initial rough setup before showtime.

Probably worth considering whether other settings (eg. Phase) should also move though gain is most useful in my view.

Appreciate you are busy at the moment but who knows, one day you might be bored :)

Thanks for a great tool.

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 0.3 {or 1.0 beta}

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The gain is already included when "config" is selected

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Could this be separated from config? It can be undesirable to copy other controls and input routing in config when you only need to copy headamps.
Sometimes I'd like to copy only HPF as well.