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App crashes in relation to Qu-Drive operations
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App crashes after certain operations on the Qu-Drive.

To reproduce:
Start App.
Insert USB stick into Qu-Drive slot.
Start Multi-track recording.
Stop Multi-track recording: app quickly crashes when the Qu-32 re-reads the USB device to locate the recording.
App will then not reload successfully: on restarting the app it crashes out every time during initial sync.

Workaround: after each MT recording, remove the USB device, start the app (which is then successful) and only then reinsert the USB device.

Qu-32, FW v1.95

Mixer Model: Qu-32

App Version: Pro v1.0.0(73)

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david added a subscriber: david.Dec 9 2018, 5:16 PM

73 is not the latest version atm.
Please try the latest version first

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