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Shared App settings missing on Google Drive via MSP
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I've shared my app settings in a map "APP SETTINGS MSP XAIR" on Google Drive. When I go to this via App Settings in MS Xair pro then this map show different content on all tablets & phone.
For example I share an app setting from my tablet and I can see it when pressing the up/down arrows upper right corner in the app settings view. But I don't this setting when I go there via MSP on another phone or tablet.
However, when I open this map directly via Google drive, without MSP, then I see all stored settings on all tablets and phone in the same way.
Tested with MS Xair pro V 10.0.0 (66) & (71) on Samsung tab A's and 1.0.0 (71) on a Samsung Galaxy J3 phone.

Mixer Model: MR18

App Version: 1.0.0 (71)

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This is related to the google drive sync, not the app itself

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It seems G Drive needed time to sync, it's all correct working now. What does this sync do? syncing to MSP app?
Another thing. Sharing the 1st time gives several options. But now only Google Drive is the only option since I've shared the settings there. What if I want to share to a different cloud?