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Regain feature (adjusts mixes with gain)
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Love mixing station. I write software and long ago wrote audio console software in audio for video settings. These days its web services and large scale data and web applications. On the weekends I still mix audio, mostly in live settings. There's way more money in software.

There is a feature I think you could implement I feel will be valuable and popular for those who mix live. Let me give you the use case and "user story" of what I seek:

Bar bands often have little time to setup and sound check properly. With presets that's not too much of an issue but you don't always get gain settings right and performers often play louder when in front of a crowd than they did at "sound check". Many bands now use their phones or personal tablets to dial in their own IEM mixes during a show.

Often at FOH position I get a live mix rolling in a show and realize I
need to adjust console input gain b/c a pre-amp is close to clipping, or a source is unexpectedly too quiet. Happens all the time.

Only problem is that all the other band members have set their monitor mixes where they want them and if I move an input gain I will disturb each and every monitor mix containing that input. This can be disruptive and is particularly dangerous when stage monitors are used as raising an input gain may cause monitor feedback.

Solution: Create a "virtual gain control" that simultaneously compensates for gain adjustments. Here's how:

If I need 6 db less gain on an input but don't want to alter existing monitor mixes, I reach for a virtual gain pot which drops my pre-amp gain an increases each bus send by the same amount. Alternatively, If I increase the pre-amp gain the Virtual gain knob drops each send by the same amount.

This is a simple description, not necessarily useful for split FOH/Monitor console shows, and I know other things like compression and gate thresholds are impacted by gain changes, and dropping a clipping input may not realize the actual audio gain drop indicated by the control movement, but they are not too big a deal and can be dealt with quickly later. Adjusting 6 monitor sends before or after a gain adjustment is a headache many FOH mixers will not attempt.

Here is my user story if you prefer Agile project methodology:

As a console operator and Mixing Station user, I want to adjust channel gain and inversely adjust buss sends for the same channel with a single control.

Optionally, I may want to only inversely adjust "Pre-Fader" sends (as these tend to be for monitor mixes) and I may only want to inversely adjust sends that are currently set above a threshold for example above -40 or -50 db as this may make things heard in a mix that were inaudible before.

I am happy to discuss the particulars, algorithm, or beta test this feature if you have interest, if not, thanks for writing mixing station and good fortune to you.

Don Sullivan
Cleveland Ohio

Mixer Model: X32, X32 Rack, M32

App Version: latest (usually)

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How is this implemented? I see it in the current changelog, but I haven't found it in the 1.0.2 (75) XR18 Android app.

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In the channel config view is a new menu entry. I'll add a documentation for it soon to the manual

Oh, it's up in the gear. Took me a while find.