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snapshot bug IOS version
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Loading a snapshot on the Ipad shows a correctly loaded snapshot on Android tablets but not on the Ipad itself. It stays in the same state as if there was no different snapshot loaded. Please check out the video's that I've sended to you.

Mixer Model: MR18

App Version: 1.0 (9)

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It looks like the ipad is not receiving all updates. Maybe a wifi issue?
I've tried loading different snapshots from an android device and the ipad nearly all the time.
When it didn't update the wifi connection was very bad.

Oscar added a subscriber: Oscar.Jan 2 2019, 4:01 PM

I just checked and it all works fine now. A few things that are still strange: No settings are changed after the previous test. And how is it possible that the 2 Androids are working well and the Ipad doesn't if the wifi is bad?

david closed this task as Invalid.Jan 6 2019, 4:24 PM

Could be that the mixer sends out too many packets and the wifi router drops some of them. Not sure.