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Hi, I'm tickled that a version of Mixing Station has just come out for iOS! I heard a lot about it, got excited hearing about the imminent iOS release, downloaded it and immediately bought the Pro versions of the X32 and X18 for my iPad Pro and iPad 3 Retina. The main reason I wanted it was so I could have a TAP TEMPO button on the top page of the app. I created a layout for both mixer platforms, and actually connected to my X18. Both layouts had a tap button assigned to the Stereo Delay Time parameter with a momentary action, but both seemed to display the flashing tap time at double speed, and that was confirmed by opening the delay edit page and seeing the time milliseconds at half what I was tapping. I tried adjusting the time multiplier parameter to 1/2, 1, and 2 on both channels of the target delay, but it didn't effect the double flashing and half time parameter. Perhaps a bug?

Also, I saved both layouts as Offline Scenes and saved the X18 scene as a Snapshot. I closed my iPads, came back later, fired up Mixing Station and my layouts were back to the default layout. The labels and adjustments were all there, but not the graphic interface I designed. I tried loading from both the Offline Scenes and the Snapshot, but neither retrieved the layouts I built. What am I missing?

Again, I love this app! It's gonna see a LOT of use once I iron out the kinks.

Mixer Model: X32 & X18

App Version: 1.0 (16)