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copy/paste channel config includes routing
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when you copy/paste a channel's config in mixing station it changes the input routing (it shouldn't do that). same problem in android and ios.

copy channel 1. paste onto channel 2.

now channel 2 now has input 1(!) as the source.

so after the paste we still have to:
manually change the input source back to input 2.
manually change the gain, phantom, etc (those did *not* get pasted to input 2)

this is especially a problem when pasting onto multiple channels.

expected behavior:
when you copy/paste it preserves the existing input routing.
(copy channel 1, paste onto channel 2. channel 2 still should have input2 as the source)

it changes the gain/phantom settings on the new channel to match the original channel.
this is how copy/paste works in xm32 mixing station, the official android m-air app, x32mix, any other digi mixing platform...but unfortunately not in x-air.

this bug caused a critical problem at a live show today when i had to quickly copy/paste over channels to reflect last-minute changes on stage...and was not prepared for the input routing to get unintentionally changed.

thank you!!

Mixer Model: mr18

App Version: 1.0 (16) ios, 1.01 (73)


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