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Multiple Instances of Mixing Station & Talkback Button
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Hi, David

Firstly, excellent work with the app - as you have seen from the excellent feedback, this is a brilliant app, and you should be proud of what you have achieved. Thank you.

I wonder if it would be possible to create a separate version of the app to enable two instances to run on one tablet at the same time? The reason is so that we can control our two RACKs from a FoH position using Mixing Station. Without running the second app, we can\'t make use of talkback from FoH and a number of other features. I had this working with the Beta version of v0.056, but I\'ve tried to get 0.058.5 to do the same thing but I can\'t \'clone\' the app to get two versions running at the same time.

Any help you can offer would be very much appreciated.

Also, is there a plan to implement a \'Talkback\' button at any stage? This would help us enormously.

Thanks again


App Version: 0.058.5

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Android does not support running one app multiple times. I would have to work around of this limitation to make it work somehow.

The talkback button is already implemented: Menu -> Console

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Hi, David

Sorry for the delay in responding - I didn't know that you had a left a response, and it's been while since I looked at this page.

I don't wish to disagree, but on this occasion, I must! Android will not normally allow multiple instances of a single app, but I have previously run two version of the free Mixing Station app at one time, and I currently run the Free version and the Donate version at the same time - Pro for FoH and Free for Monitors. To run two instances at the same time, you need access to the apk files and then 'clone' one of them using (for example) ApkEditor. Alternatively, as I say, you can run the Free and Pro versions at the same time. What we would like to do ideally it run two versions of Pro, as that would give us the ability to create a Custom Button for the monitor mixes, removing the need to scroll through the IEM sends on the monitor desk. If you were to save a version of Pro with a different name (and ideally with a different colour icon), both should run at the same time. I'd be ore then happy to pay for two versions, and I'm sure others would, too, once they realised the flexibility that this offers.

As for the Talkback button, I saw it after my previous post - my apologies. Actually, we make use of a Custom Button for that, too, as the Talkback channel is fed from our Monitors desk, but we wanted to be able to mute it when Mixing Station is connected to the FoH desk. Therefore, we route it from the Monitors desk to a FoH channel via a bus, then back to the Monitors desk and into our IEM senders. It's a bit complicated, but it works, and now that I have figured out how to use the 'Invert Output' function in your excellent Custom Buttons, we can apply our own custom 'Talkback' button. AWESOME!

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