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Thank you!! and some thoughts
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First off, thank you so much for developing this incredible piece of gear. Utterly and completely transformed our station's X32R into a real and beautifully efficient console. I'm just blown away. Would have happily paid that seven dollars seven times over.

I have very few nits to pick, but just a couple thoughts/ideas/requests.

  1. I've scoured the manual/menus to no avail. Is the only way to access the solo button to take up space adding it to the channel strip? Would love to see it on the overview page.
  1. This is a bit of a reach, but I've got my layout setup like so sort of emulating the physical knobs on an M7CL or generic digital board, targeted by channel select. I imagine it might be kind of involved, but it would be super neat to condense those EQ knobs down to 3 with a set of 4-6 buttons to target specific bands.
  1. Popgroups of IDCAs that target mix busses: would be helpful to have an indication of the currently targeted bus when opening an IDCA popgroup, and/or to have my bus master dynamic channel (see pic above) switch to the target of the popped IDCA.

Thanks again for the awesome work, it's clear a lot of love and care and practical experience using the console went into its development.

Please enjoy this audiomeme I made with your layout editor as well as this write-up/sample usage case I made to try to explain to my sound buds why Mixing Station rocks

[email protected]

Mixer Model: X32R

App Version: Up to date as of 2019-01-17

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