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Actions for "Mute Enable" "Fine Fader" and "Fine Fader Ratio"
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I would really like to have Actions for "Mute Enable" "Fine Fader" and "Fine Fader Ratio" available in the in the Layout editor...

It's clumsy to have to go into settings to change their settings and I don't like being stuck with a default container for them that has stuff I want to do differently, place separately, or use pull downs to access..

I'd like to be able to just create a new individual button for the Mute Enable and the Fine fader, and a separate knob for the Fine Fader Ratio..

This would make your already awesome app, even better...

I have more things I'd like to see, but these are the most important ones to me..

Mark Simpson

Mixer Model: Behringer XR18 (will be buying the X32R this summer)

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