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Import configuration to another IOS device
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How can I transfer a configuration made in Mixing Station to another IOS device? The share function transfers a file to dropbox but importing (opening in ...) always fails.

Need some help!

Mixer Model: Midas MR18

App Version: latest

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I cloud should work, I can't dropbox as of now

Dropbox works for me on newer iOS. Still fails on 9 and 10, awaiting the next release.

david added a comment.Feb 19 2019, 1:10 PM

How did you install dropbox on ios9?
I can't install it on my ios device since it only has ios9.

It's been on that tablet since it worked on iOS9. I also have .ipas backed up for every version of every important app I've ever had, so I could reinstall it if needed. Doesn't work with MSP, though.
Keep your eye out for a used Air or some such. They're very cheap now, and plenty fast enough. My favorite tablet for MSP is a Mini 4.
O.P's comment (opening in) is curious. I expect he's trying to send a file to MSP from Dropbox, instead of using the import.