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Bus, DCA, FxSends faders not initialized on mixer connect. All -infinity.
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When connecting to my XR18 it looks like the faders for the Bus masters, DCA, and FX Sends are not being initialized when Mixing Station connects to the mixer. They are all shown as all the way down (-infinity). The XAir Edit app on my PC shows them correctly set to 0db (actual XR18 value) and when I move any of them in the XAir Edit app, Mixing Station updates the corresponding fader but the initial value is wrong. And if I move one in Mixing Station first, it immediately sends the -infinity starting value cutting off the output until it is increased which is very noticeable in the XR18 output.
Seen using Mixing Station Pro Beta 1.0.2 (75) and (77) on 2 different Lenovo Android tablets

Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks,
Dan Podell

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 1.0.2 (75) & (77)

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Fixed with next update