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Hi there! First of all: thanks for the iOS version, my rusty android tablet didn't do it any longer...
I got some feauture requests for the air app but i have to commit that i use the app more as an alternative interface and the xr as a hub/mixer for techno live acts with modular synths and drummachines.
Nontheless some of this could be interesting for foh and common scenarios.

  1. Swiping over buttons

swiping over mute/solo etc. buttons in row like would turn multiple tracks on/off (like on a console). Behavoiur would be switchable in app settings.

  1. Sends reset

A button function which sets all (or selected) sends on FX and/or Busses of tracks back to default without the need to mess with snapshots

  1. Max/min value

When i hit a slider during a liveshow its sometimes hard to stay below 0db. It would cool to set the sliders or knobs range on the edit page.

  1. Macros and inversion

Multiple actions on one slider are not possible by now? Delay send + delay time could be interesting or send fx1 + inverted send fx2 for example to switch from one fx to another.

Tell me what you think!
But again, i have a different approach and this is just a digital mixer and not ableton live on a computer... I love what can be done so far.

Keep up the great work!
Robert Connan
Producer & DJ

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: Latest

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