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Qu-Drive multitrackrecording playlist doesn't synchronize
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Feb 6 2019, 11:04 PM


In the Qu-Drive Multitrack window on the left side there are the "files". Last week I did record 4 files after formatting the usb-stick (QU-MT001 until QU-MT004). Now today I new reformatted the stick, but furthermore there are displayed the 4 files. When I started a new record. I had again a file QU-MT001, but always there are displayed QU-MT002 until QU-MT004, but they aren't more on the stick. There is only QU-MT001 on it.

Is it a bug in showing the files? Not synchronizing to the current stick-content?

Thanks for help!

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What happens after reconnecting to the mixer? Is the list then showing the correct files?

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.EditedFeb 7 2019, 12:48 PM

No, it stayes the same. Seems, MS remembers the last filenames. When I look to this in "offline" modus, there are 2 dummy-files shown. What I didn't test, how it is in the mixer itself (sorry, did forget...). I will do this next monday, when we play together again with the band...

By the way... I did write also task T1515. It is about the same feature. Perhaps it will be possible in near future to get a custom knob for the Qu-drive functions. Not the QU-drive window... the special Qu-drife functions like Stop, Rec., Play. I would like to start a record with a custom knob in my customlayer, without to open the Qu-drive-window before, so that I can see and use all other customlayoutfeatures (fader, meters etc.) while recording...

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I did tried also with stereo playback. The music list there on the USB stick also only synchronizes after reconnecting the app, not, in the case, I stick the USB stick into the mixer. There should be a problem in synchronizing the content of USB stick, becsuse you always have to reconnect before...
The list of multitrack recordings seems to behave same...

I wanted to reimplement the USB Player UI for a long time. The goal is to have a unified UI for all usb players for all mixers.
Currently it's a big mess :-)

Try to get this done very soon

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Dec 8 2019, 9:09 AM

Tried it again yesterday with last Beta 1.0.11(115): The list of recorded multitrackstracks still synchronizes not until the app will be startet new. I did 3 multitrack records. After deleting this records from the USB-stick they are still shown in the list of the app. After deconnecting and reconnecting the list is empty... o.k., no big problem, but isn't it possible to synchronize while running app? For example every time, when opening the USB-Drive-window or the multitrack-window?

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