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Qu-Drive multitrackrecording playlist doesn't synchronize
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In the Qu-Drive Multitrack window on the left side there are the "files". Last week I did record 4 files after formatting the usb-stick (QU-MT001 until QU-MT004). Now today I new reformatted the stick, but furthermore there are displayed the 4 files. When I started a new record. I had again a file QU-MT001, but always there are displayed QU-MT002 until QU-MT004, but they aren't more on the stick. There is only QU-MT001 on it.

Is it a bug in showing the files? Not synchronizing to the current stick-content?

Thanks for help!

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frankd created this task.Feb 6 2019, 11:04 PM
frankd created this object in space S1 Public.
david added a subscriber: david.Feb 7 2019, 11:44 AM

What happens after reconnecting to the mixer? Is the list then showing the correct files?

frankd added a comment.EditedFeb 7 2019, 12:48 PM

No, it stayes the same. Seems, MS remembers the last filenames. When I look to this in "offline" modus, there are 2 dummy-files shown. What I didn't test, how it is in the mixer itself (sorry, did forget...). I will do this next monday, when we play together again with the band...

By the way... I did write also task T1515. It is about the same feature. Perhaps it will be possible in near future to get a custom knob for the Qu-drive functions. Not the QU-drive window... the special Qu-drife functions like Stop, Rec., Play. I would like to start a record with a custom knob in my customlayer, without to open the Qu-drive-window before, so that I can see and use all other customlayoutfeatures (fader, meters etc.) while recording...

I did tried also with stereo playback. The music list there on the USB stick also only synchronizes after reconnecting the app, not, in the case, I stick the USB stick into the mixer. There should be a problem in synchronizing the content of USB stick, becsuse you always have to reconnect before...
The list of multitrack recordings seems to behave same...