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Feature request MS QU concerning channel-routing
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Hi David,
another feature request for the QU version...
You implemented the USB-routing from channel to USB in an overview window.
But the source-routing is placed in the channel-config window under the point "Source". There you can elect "Local" , "dSnake" and "USB".
In the real A&H mixer you find this in the channel-area as an overview-window, where you can see and select ALL channels and route them to "Local" , "dSnake" and "USB". There also is a button "All", so you can select all channels with one click and change all channels sources for example from "Local" to "USB". This is very helfpful, when you do multitrack-recordings. You selected, which channels shall be recorded in your current "Routing-USB"-section. This mostly then stays unchanged. But when I want to playback the recording, I have to change the souce-routing of channel 1-16 from "Local" to "USB", that I can hear the recording. For this I must go to the mixer, change source-routing with the "All" button from "Local" to "USB", and then I can hear the recorded file. After this I go back with again "All" an change back to "Local".
It would be fine to get a window, where I can change alle source-routings in one window, like in the origin A&H-mixers. Until now I would have to do it for every channel individually, so 16 times.
Would it be possible to implement this?
Thanks for your work! It is great! ... And much better than my english ;-)

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