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Custom buttons with multiple actions bug
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A) I have a custom button with two actions assigned: Select fixed channel + Open view PEQ.
First time pressing the button opens the PEQ view for that channel as expected. Going back to the mixer view and pressing the button again opens the 'Disconnect?' popup. This behavior stays until I exit the application.

B) I have two custom buttons with two different actions assigned: Select (a custom) layer + Sends on fader. Same layer but different buses for each button.
Pressing one button selects the layer and desired bus, but activates both buttons. Pressing the same button again does deactivate the SoF mode and switch back to the previous layer, as expected.
Pressing one button and directly the second button while still in SoF mode will lock the buttons in SoF mode until I change the layer in the layer list.
When I reverse the sequence of the actions (first 'Sends on fader', second 'Select layer'), I can switch buses with the two buttons while in SoF mode.

This happens also with more than two buttons and on both X32 and X-Air app in on- and offline mode on Android.

I can send the layout files and DevLog.log by email.


Mixer Model: X32

App Version:


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A) will be fixed with an update
B) Can be resolved by swapping the order of the actions for both buttons