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Some bugs reports and possible improvements
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Hi David,
I'm a live sound engineer from Italy and I love your Mixing Station apps, I use them all the time for my job :)

I'd like to report some bugs I've found and some possible improvements to the X Air Pro Android app:

  • the mutegroup popup appears when doing fast changes on the Q of a eq band (the mutegroup gesture interferes with the eq moves). This is a video I did to explain more clearly the issue which is pretty annoying.

  • gain reduction meters do not work on dual deEsser and stereo deEsser rack FX. With original Behringer Xair app they works.
  • would it be possible to add the 48dB/24dB slope button on the Combinator FXs? Currently changing the slope to 24db is doable only on the PC app. It's a shame because when loading the Combinator from the Android app the default slope of the bands is 48dB and there's no way to change it to 24dB which sound a million times better to me and every other engeneer I've talked about.

Thank you for your beautiful work on these apps, I could't live without them :)
Best regards


Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 1.0.2 (79)

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