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Editing layout on different display from one it was created on
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Thanks for this software, especially now it’s cross platform.
Here’s the scenario:
Created a layout on my iPad Mini2
Shared via dropbox to an (ancient) android acer B1-710
The buttons I created at the bottom right on the iPad are off the screen on the acer due to the vertical screen resolution being less on the acer.
I can’t find any way of “retrieving” them to move, delete, size, or reposition them on the acer without going back to the iPad and creating a new layout that “fits”
Would it be possible to have a function that moves all layout elements to current display? Or perhaps an element “list” that allows move to top right position one element at a time. I.e. pick an element, tap “home element” button and it moves to its top right (0,0) position and the screen reverts to the normal editor, or, even allows displaying and editing the elements coordinates.

Thank you again, your efforts are very much appreciated

Mixer Model: X32 full, X32 rack, XR18

App Version: iOS 1.0 (16), android 1.0.01 (266)

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