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SoF layout
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Dear David,

Would it be possible to show the BUS master fader on the Mixer UI, when in SoF mode in a Custom Layout?

Let's say I have a full channel layout with 24 channels showing:
16 Ins, 1 Aux, LR + 6 BUS.

I have 6 buttons to activate SoF for all 6 BUSSES.
When pressing such a button, the mixer UI will only show the 16 + 1 Channel's for SoF. I would like to have the master of that bus on the same layout for one screen manipulation.
You could show all the 24 channels from the base layout, and grey out the ones not available (the other buses, or FX..)

Would this be possible ?

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 1.0 (16)

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Already possible using "Bus master" as channel source for a channel strip item in the layout