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Layout export/import from cloud bug
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Hi David,

I'm a relatively new user to your app and absolutely love it! I'm a gigging musician that uses an XR12 as a submixer primary for my IEM setup but also to control what I send to our board, which is sometimes an XR18 but many times, analog boards.

I'm also UX/UI developer, professionally so I'm keen to discover new products like this one. One repeatable bug I discovered is when downloading a layout from Google Drive. I can share the file to the Drive with no issues, but when I try to import one by pushing the up/down arrows in the top right, the app immediately quits. It's repeatable, whether or not I'm connected to the XR or in offline mode.

I have the app in 4 different devices, iPad Mini (version 1, running 9.3.5), iPad 2 (also running 9.3.5), iPhone 5 with 9.3.1 and a iPhone SE really running 12.1. The only one that works without crashing is the iPhone SE on 12.1.

There are many other things that I could suggest to improve the design and functionality of the app but for a 1.0 version, it works amazingly well and is quite stable on my older devices. It's given me no trouble at all for the 2 Live gigs I have used it with. As a developer myself and musician who plays out at least twice a week, I would welcome the opportunity to act as a beta tester if you need anyone else.

Keep up the great work!


Mixer Model: XR 12

App Version: 1.0 (16)

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This should be fixed with the latest beta

1.0.1(17) layout import confirmed working with iCloud on iOS 9 and DropBox on iOS 10.

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