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Stereo channels
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Its a pretty common trick that for stereo linked channels in the X32, we only need to put one fader displayed in MixingStation, since nearly all controls are then relevant to both channels. This can drastically reduce the fader count in my home studio use.

The only thing is that when I do this, pan control for those are a little odd, since what I'm really seeing is just one half of the stereo linked channels.

What would be a very useful feature in Mixing station would be that when Mixing station detects stereo linked channels, then give us the option or even make it the default, to display a single stereo fader, with stereo meters(similar as LR). This would make things appear more like is typical in most DAW's where there are mono and stereo channels. Even though the X32 doesn't technically have stereo channels, once two channels are linked, they are essentially functioning like a single stereo channel and it would be more compact and easier to look at if they appeared as a single channel fader in Mixing Station

Mixer Model: X32Rack

App Version: latest

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