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Re order eq bands
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I know you are REALLY busy right now with the new architecture and releases but a possible idea for the future.

A feature that isn't on any board at any price.
A button to fix the order of the eq bands.
Here’s the very common situation.
Using multiband parametric eq, we end up with band one at 500Hz, band 2 at 800Hz, band 3 at 200 Hz, band 4 at 8KHz and band 5 at 2KHz all with various gains and Q.
I want to get them back in intuitive order
Band 1 200Hz
Band 2 500Hz
Band 3 800Hz
Band 4 2KHz
Band 5 8KHz
Each with the same gain and Q as they had originally

The exiting method would is a holdover from pre digital days when bands didn’t overlap and everting was easy to see anyway.

Every engineer I’ve mentioned this idea too has been in favour of it.

Mixer Model: XR18, X32 full, X32 rack, A&H QU16

App Version: Future

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Sounds like a good feature

I love this idea. The only processor I've seen that does this is Lake.