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Custom tap tempo button doesn't work well - tap buttons in the buttons dialog are fine, though
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I've always had trouble with a custom tap tempo button not being very responsive.

Eg, I have FX4 set to "Rhythm Delay".
I add a custom button, touch mode = "Single-press", Action = Effect->Rhythm Delay->Time

The button displays OK, and flashes in sync with the delay time. However, using to tap in a delay is extremely unreliable.

However, using the tap buttons in the "Mutegroups / FX" dialog is extremely responsive.

It would be great if whatever was stopping the custom buttons from functioning well for tap tempo was fixed. Alternatively if you introduced a new button class of, say, "FX Tap", with a simple parameter of 1-4, that would work.

I have the same problem across all 3 Android devices I'm using:
Kindle Fire 10
Nexus 7 2013 running Lineagemod 14.1
Moto G5

Additionally, I note that the FX tap buttons aren't available below the Mutegroups in the Mutegroups dialog on Mixing Station XR, as they are on Mixing Station XM32 - it would be great if they could appear in the XR version too.

Mixer Model: X32 / XR18

App Version: 1.0.01

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A new button behavior will be added: "Touch" This will result in the same behavior is in the popup