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Screen freeze when MIDI is flowing
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Hi David,

I have recently started testing the MIDI control assign feature with MS Pro on my Samsung Android. I have noticed consistently once the MIDI is enabled and a few controls are assigned to mixer parameters the GUI will simply freeze and become completely unresponsive even if I was not sending any MIDI to the MS/Android kit at the time of the GUI Freeze.

The GUI will then Unfreeze if I send any MIDI command.. this freeze and unfreeze happens steadily.
I am using a simple Inland OTG adapter and I have tried a few IconnectMIDI USB 5 pin din MIDI interfaces, USB MIDI controller devices etc.
Have you experienced this?

I will say that the MIDI assignment facility is another game changer for me so to be able to hard assign a few knobs and sliders to Limiter and EQ parameters!
Thanks Davis
not sure which email you have and i could not enter 2 below so:-)
[email protected]

Mixer Model: MR12, MR18

App Version: 1.0.2(80)

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No I didn't experience this issue yet. It might depend on the device you're using.

A second user also has this issue.

A third user also has this issue:

  • Samsung sm-t580 - Android 8

I tried it today with all available Android devices and it seems to work everywhere. Not sure what's going on, could be a OS issue with opengl and usb?

Also checked an Samsung SM-t580 where this issue did not occur. Still not sure why it happens - maybe it's related to the midi device used?