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App crash when the user assign button pushed
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Hi David!

Firstly let me thank you for the great app, it is a real lifesaver.
I use the pro version to control my M32R console. During the last show I loaded an old scene and started the soundcheck from it. Everything was fine, but when I finished with the soundcheck I tried to adjust the delay tempo by push the user assign button but the app has crashed. After restart the app, the tablet, and the mixer when I pushed the user assign button on the top of the app the app always crashed - I could restart every time.
When the show finished I tried to load an other basic scene, and it solved the problem, the user assign button worked fine - I could control the tempo, etc... After it I reloaded the original scene, which is used during the show and the bug had came back.
Please have a look on it if you have some time.
I can send the evil scene if you need.

Have great weekend!

Best regards,

Mixer Model: M32R fw: 3.11 and Behringer X-Live Extension card

App Version: 1.0.01 (272)

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