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Qu MixingStation PRO (beta): how to get the last used "live state" of the complete mixer[Qu 24] offline available on the tablet?
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... last year we had a half day intro to our new Qu-24; after the training i was able to squeeze the different channel EQ, Compressor, FX and main PEQ & GEQ settings from my android tablet - at home, which means offline!!!
Now recently i was wondering if this feature/bug was only available at that time (~ march 2018) or if i am just unable to locate it.

Is this "feature" still available and how to invoke it???

best regards

Mixer Model: Allen&Heath Qu 24

App Version: 1.04

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With my A&H QU 16 it is no problem to store a mixingsituation to the "Offline Scenes" and to open this offline at home... You have two possibilities: Open the mixingsituations, which are stored on the mixer (this only, when connected to the mixer) and the second option to open an offline scene at home in offline mode...