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Security (bus lock)
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Hi, first thanks for a fantastic app. I'm moving my band from the Mackie DL1608 to the XR18 and MS is one of the big wins because I can set them up their own interfaces.
However I don't want them messing with the LR mix!!
This is probably not a bug but:
I've gone to the setup -> security settings and selected all the busses I don't want them to change. I've then gone back and expected not to be able to move the faders on the locked buses.
But nothing seems to have changed. Can you help with this.

Finally a question.

I want to make four phone interfaces for the band members to set their monitor mixes. This means I want their interfaces to start on Send On Fader mode and not be able to switch this off.
Is this possible?
Tom (The Muzztones) London UK

Mixer Model: XR18

App Version: 1.0.3(29)

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Select the bus before connecting