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Tap Timing for Delay FX
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I am using an MR18 in specific, but there is a tap timing button in the stock versions of the X-Air and M-Air android apps that is used to calculate the "Time" knob. I use it fairly frequently and is much easier than hoping I can dial the right number in. I am wondering if it would be possible to get that added into Mixing Station Pro?

On a side note, when I am adjusting the "Time" knob for any delay FX, I am getting a slight break in sound on the FX channel every time an adjustment is made. This is very distracting on the dial function with so many rapid-fire changes occurring in such a short amount of time. This is also happening on the M-Air app as well, so it just may be an internal issue to the boards.

I'm very glad MSP works for the MR18 as I just did a blind upgrade from the X-Air and didn't notice if it did or not before doing so. I've been using the PC Version (X-Air-Edit) live thus far, mostly because of my comfort level with it, plus the polished up UI and functionality variance in comparison to the stock android version. Your app fixes those holes, well, almost all of them, haha.

Thank you.

Mixer Model: MR18

App Version: Mixing Station Pro 1.0.4

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