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Hello, I have downloaded your “free” app and it had charged my account 17,48€ without any notice or info. My downloaded apps in iTunes showed also that this app was free and has charged nothing so I can’t even have refund for it for it “cost nothing”
I am not willing to pay this much for an app I might not even wanna use. Do something about it immediately.
This is criminal activity and for sure there are others who have not noticed that hidden price and transaction.
App Store has its rules and your behavior is not complying with them. The transactions I’d is R7YG7J00FMZ

Mixer Model: Xr18

App Version: Mixing station

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first of all, the app complies with all rules of the app store.
As written in the app description the app itself is free to download and test in offline mode.
As soon as you want to connect to a mixer you have to pay the in app purchase. These purchases are clearly labeled as such and require you to input your iTunes password as well as a confirmation that you want to purchase that feature for a certain price.

When you select a mixer model, is the "Connect" button showing something like "Buy pro version" or just "Connect"?
If it's the latter one you (maybe accidentally) bought the in app feature.

Here is a guide on how you can request a refund: