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Baby HUI with SoF mode
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I'm starting to use your app instead of the standard Behringer version, and I'm blown away by all the extra features it gives me.
I also hooked up a BCF2000 with USB OTG, and in baby HUI mode it already works quite nice.

I'm quite confused about the SoF mode though, It's not relly clear how this works or should work. It seems I can only change send 1 via the rotary knobs?

Is there any more specific documentation on this?
Are the push functions of the rotary knobs not used by default?
Could I also use the rotary knobs for EQ in baby HUI mode?
What's the meaning of the learn button, and the two buttons on the low right?
The Edit button for Bank/2 makes my select/mute buttons flash, and simultanious pressing doesn't do much it seems (like a shift key).

I would love more info about this mode, so I can adjust it to my taste and then have a nice overlay printed for my BCF, because it will take a while to control it "blind".

Lots of thanks in advance!
Joep Urlings

Mixer Model: XR12

App Version: 1.0.4 (87)

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