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Feature request for channel overview
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Hello! I would love to see to see a customizable and or modification to the channel overview option.

For example, I find the midas m32 app very intuitive in that the configuration tab has everything you need to get going in one page: source, gain, low cut, polarity, link, delay, 48v, insert, mute and DCA groups, swap for eq/compression position, and my favorite, a fader for the mono bus.

In Mixing Station, I found the sends part of the channel overview redundant as you can’t adjust them unless you hit the sends tab anyway or click the busses, so it seems like an option to customize that or remove it and put say even the mono bus fader and it’s on button in the channel view would make for faster gain staging and sending to the mono sub/workflow.

If the channel view could have everything it has now, but add the source input, delay, low cut and on button, insert and swap, mono fader and on button, eq/compression swap, and DCA and mute groups, that would be the ultimate channel overview/config page! It seems like there is a lot of real estate for it under the gate, eq, and compressor to fit those things, and if the busses column was gone, the mono fader and on button could be added, eliminating the MAIN tab of the channel overview as well, streamlining workflow even more! 😊

Still love the app though!



Mixer Model: Behringer x32

App Version: 1.0.3

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david added a subscriber: david.Jun 29 2019, 9:40 AM

I agree to some extend. The reason this page doesn't contain more content is simply that it doesn't fit on a small device.
As of now mixing station shows the same content on all screen sizes. If this feature gets implemented it's required to only show these items for large enough screens.

I wouldn't remove the sends view as it gives a quick overview over all sends and will allow direct send control (in a future update).