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Heart beat timed out
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Hi, first of all, let me send you bigs thanks for your apps, we really needed them.
I'm trying to run the android pro version on a Macbook with emulators and ethernet connexion .... it's working... but I get a "Heart beat timed out " message every 5 secondes and I need to reconnect. If I'm moving a fader or eq something it keeps on working ???
I've tried every network settings (dhcp, fix, with and without the wifi router) it's always the same.
Perhaps you'll have the solution, what I want is a bigger screen and a wired solution, to be more confortable.
Have a nice day David.
Thanks a lot.

PS: And sorry for my poor English ;)

Mixer Model: QU-SB

App Version: 1.0.5(95)

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Running in an emulator is not working with the Qu protocol